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SHARE Magazine Issue 16

October 2021

Artificial Intelligence
The Fabric of Techne and Technology
Interview with Claude Mangion
McDowell on Reason and Nature
A Philosopher's Critique of Jordan Peterson
Paolo Freire: A Powerful Voice on Decolonising Education
Raymond Williams: A Cultural Rhetoric Approach to his Theory of Culture
Book Review: Race After Technology
Book Review: Death by a Thousand Cuts
Manifesto: The Environment
Updated List of Academic Publications in 2020


SHARE Magazine Issue 15

April 2021

Interview with Daniel M Haybron
Donald Davidon's Philosophy of Language
Theology of Liberation
Difference and Migration from a Gramscian Lens
Hilary Putnam: Embodying Philosophy
Book Review : Speculative Grammatology
Manifesto: The Good Society
List of Academic Publications in 2020

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SHARE Magazine Issue 14

November 2020

Coronavirus and Philosophy
An Interview with Philip Carr Gomm
Easeful Death
The Order of Chaos
The Philosophy behind Martial Arts
Book Review on the Philosophy of Law
A Philosophical Manifesto


SHARE Magazine Issue 13

April 2020

An Interview with Peter Singer
Can Robots ever experience Emotions ?
Animal Ethics
What's the Frequency Kenneth ?
The Notion of Reincarnation and the Problem of the Nature of the Mind
Units of Life - A Thought Experiment

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SHARE Magazine Issue 12

September 2019

An  Interview with Cartoonist Steve Bonello
A.I. and Philosophy
Is Suicide Ever Rational ?
The Top 5 Philosophy Documentaries
Deflating the Ego

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SHARE Magazine Issue 11

May 2019

Rene Descartes
Interview with Kenneth Wain on Lifelong learning
Kierkegaard's Mode of Existence
Is Materialism reaching its end ?
Joe Friggieri on Interpretations
Does Life have an objective value ?


SHARE Magazine Issue 10

January 2019

The Postmodernist Paradigm Shift and the Philosophy of Gilles Lipovetsky
An Interview with Philosopher Stephen Law
Are Faith and Science really Poles apart ?
On the Value of Bitcoin ( and Other Cryptocurrencies)
Are Animals Capable of Love ?
Nietzche's God - A Dead or Alive Choice for today's Christianity in Crisis ?
How much of what we believe to Control, do we actually Control ?
Interview with Alain Salvary

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SHARE Magazine Issue 9

September 2018

Andy Warhol and the Pop Art Movement

If you like it, does it matter whether it's Real ?

The Christian Democratic Ideals that shaped Modern Europe

The Art of Simple living

Rites of Passage, the Changing Self and the Future of Humanity

Philosophy in the Stream of Consciousness

Post Colonial Identity and Collective Memory

Buddhism's Two Truth in the discussion of Human Difference

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SHARE Magazine Issue 8

May 2018

The Illusion of Control

Just a Word and a Thought Experiment

The Non-being of Zapata

The Popularity of Law

Why I am an Anarchist

Narrative Learning and Identity Formation

On Leibniz, Baudrillard and the Code Breaching 

Discounting Greed in High Rise Buildings

For argument's sake

Pre-war Philosophy in Malta

The Maltese Room

Women in Philosophy

Buddhism's Two Truth in the Discussion of Human Difference

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SHARE Magazine Issue 7

January 2018

Marx my Words 
Marx and the Rise of the Machines
The Way of a Garden
Nietzche, Nihilism and the Gospels
Philosophy as a Way of Life
Ritchie's fate
A Philosophy of Fanaticism
Why should Christians be Marxists and Marxists not be Christians
The sad story of Angelo Pirotta
Beatified Lying

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SHARE Magazine Issue 6

September 2017

Altered Egos
A Trumped Value System
Philosophers' Wives and Kids
Meeting the Shadows
Art - What's the Point ?
The Wikipedia 'Philosophy in Malta' Page
Killing me Softly
Midnight Express Meets Philosophy
The Philosophy of Naturism
When Bertrand Russell chose Malta

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SHARE Magazine Issue 5

May 2017

Why Nietzche
Mysterious Eco ?
The Labour of the Negative
Christianity as the Origin of Nihilism
Till Death do us Part
The Deceptiveness of Manichaeism
The Piercing sight of Nietzche
A dive into the Imaginary, and I wonder
Politics by Twitter
Nicholas Zammit

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SHARE Magazine Issue 4

January 2017

In Praise of Madness
A Liar Telling the Truth
The Philosophy of Geopolitics
The Philosophy of a Dream
How Philosophy Helps me to Better my Life
Power - A Thought Experiment
Small and Vibrant
Trice the Trigger

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SHARE Magazine Issue 3

September 2016

L'Homme Complet
Gloucester versus Cassius: Or is Free Will just an Illusion
What does a Philosophical Discourse consist of ?
Trawling through the Tides of Change
Switching sides - Newman's Repositioning Technique
Sartre the Ugly
Translating Greek into Maltese
Do the End justify always the Means ?

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SHARE Magazine Issue 2

April 2016

Beyond the Laws of Art
Aristotle at 2,400
The Wish for a Better World
The Structure: Thought Experiment
An Overview of the Ideal Dimension of Money
Philosophy Reflections

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SHARE Magazine Issue 1

November 2015

Zizek: An intellectual Charlatan ?
Must Marriage be Right ?
The Environment : A Class Act is urgently required 
Information Warfare in the Information Society
The Incompatibility of God and Evil
The Risks of Parody
SHARE Book Review
Philosophy in Malta