This is a list of philosophy books published by Maltese authors in the last few years.

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Between Rectitude and Incongruity: The chiastic structure of the Cantilena

Mark Montebello

The author, Malta; bi-lingual; April 2016; 145 x 260 mm; 44 pp.

ISBN 978-99957-0-924-2

The Cantilena, was composed around 1470 by Peter Caxaro, a notary and judge from Mdina. It was recorded in a manuscript which remained concealed in an archive for five hundred years. For the last fifty years the Cantilena was studied inside out from every angle, including philosophically. This new study, however, completely turns the tables. The Cantilena’s chiastic structure which it proposes not only puts the poem itself in a completely new interpretative light but also, indirectly, calls for a revision of all the poem’s studies made so far.The present essay concentrates on the structure of the poem’s constitutive organisation by putting forth internal (literary) and external (biographical) evidence for a new evaluation of the composition. It also draws the door wide open for further assessments and insights.The essay, in English and Maltese, is available online free of charge. Click here.

Throughout Malta and Gozo’s philosophical tradition very few philosophy works have been written in Maltese. This book is a pleasant exception. Its merit, however, lays not only in its use of the Maltese language but―and this is doubly refreshing―in its innovative content. The book is basically about perception. However, though dealing with such a subject, one that has been profusely contended with throughout the history of philosophy, especially since Descartes onward, the book submits insights which are quite original. Just to pique one’s curiosity, one might mention here one of the book’s fundamental tenets that reality as we generally perceive it but a mental hallucination; that the mind is consistently engaged in deceiving itself by assigning objectivity to things when it is, in fact, only concerned (and it cannot do otherwise) with its own inventions. In this complex process, language and its ability only made things worse. Nevertheless, the mind also created its own home-made remedies.

Is-Sinteżi: Riinvenzjoni tar-Realtà

Pierre Attard

BDL Publishing, Malta; February 2016; 147 x 210 mm; 96 pp.

ISBN 978-99957-46-86-5


Thinking to Create Values: Bonting

Edward de Bono

Kite Group, Malta; 2015; 125 x 177 mm; 303 pp.

ISBN 978-99957-50-19-0

One of the many intriguing qualities of Edward de Bono is to repeat himself while rarely being boring. This latest little book is no exception. It is interesting and engaging. What’s more―as is usual with De Bono―it proposes something new and stimulating. This time around, it is none less than a new verb: bonting (pronounced like wanting). The main feature of bonting is to create value, and the book is intended to help the reader achieve precisely that. Or rather, it sets out the frameworks, the tools, the methods, and the habits that can lead to value creation. Someone familiar with De Bono’s writings will find that what he puts forward in this book has been already sufficiently dealt with before. Nevertheless, the book can also stand on its own. Of course, the new word proposed has its usefulness.

The ‘Cantilena’ is the first known documentary evidence of the Maltese language. It is a short, charming poem written around 1450 by Peter Caxaro, a notary from Mdina hailed as a philosopher, orator and poet. This book is the only available introduction to the subject. It includes biographies of the people who brought the poem to light, a thorough background of the times when it was written, suggestions for the reading the poem’s mediaeval script and style, a complete list of the studies published about the Cantilena during the last sixty years, and much more. It also includes an essay on the philosophical value of the ‘Cantilena’.


Mark Montebello
Faraxa Publications
132 pp
15 cm x 21 cm
ISBN 978-99957-48-31-9
(First edition: 1992)


Michael Grech et. al.
Faraxa Publications
232 pp
15 cm x 21 cm

ISBN: 978-99957-48-30-2

This is a collection of twenty-seven short writings published by Grech over the past couple of years. The writings, most of which illustrate philosophical skill, are grouped in seven sections, each of which is followed by a short essay related to the section’s general theme penned by different scholars. The sections deal with politics, history, racism, religion, peace, common sense, and ‘the spiritually and traditionally hyper-real’. The essays are by Prof. John Baldacchino, Meinrad Calleja, Giovanni Franzoni, Dr Joseph Gravina, Prof. Peter Mayo, Justin Schembri, Emanuel Scicluna, and Prof. Yosanne Vella. The book offers much intellectual stimulation and food for thought.

This is the third volume of the history of philosophy written in Maltese. It is the final part of a series, the other previous two volumes having been published in 2000 and 2007 respectively. This volume covers from German Idealism (Hegel onwards) till today, reviewing a host of major Western philosophers. It includes sections on French feminism, and some post-modern  philosophies. The book closes with a section on Anglo-American philosophy after Wittgenstein. It also deals with contemporary philosophers such as Badiou, Agamben, Zizek and Bauman.


Volume III

Joe Friggieri
Malta University Books
292 pp
21.4 cm x 30 cm
ISBN 978-99909-44-64-8


Peter Serracino Inglott
& Charles Camilleri
Philosophy Sharing Foundation
120 pp
14.8 cm x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-99957-0-795-8

Noise becomes meaningful only within an environment one lives in and understands. Evocative noise is expressed in a myriad of ways, one being music, the voice of eloquent sounds. In this short essay it is the nature and significance of such meaningful sounds and creative eloquence that philosopher Peter Serracino Inglott and composer Charles Camilleri explore. Written almost forty years ago, this writing continues to retain a freshness which can be detected today as it was when it was   produced. Indeed, it commands a contemporary intensity of interest as much as its arguments an intact sparkle for conversation and debate. This is the first time Serracino Inglott and Camilleri are being published since passing away.

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A broad reading of Rousseau’s writings on education and politics in view of exploring and addressing the competing demands of the enculturation and individuation of the young in Western societies. Drawing on the thinking of Foucault and Rorty, the book considers the public and private conflicts of education and politics in modern societies, treating them as the tension between the demands of truth and freedom. This tension exists across a range of educational and political systems, such as teaching in and by the family, school, the government and, separately, for women. Wain suggests that the conflict between truth and freedom began with Rousseau and remains a central challenge in our contemporary world of political and educational thought.

Rousseau and our contemporary
political and educational culture

Kenneth Wain
Routledge, UK
188 pp
23.4 cm x 15.6 cm
ISBN: 041-57043-75
EAN: 978-041570-43-73


Mark Montebello
Dom Communications Ltd.
144 pp
14.5 cm x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-99957-49-40-8

This abridged biography of Manuel Dimech (1860–1921) has been long in coming. Various biographies of this renowned Maltese philosopher and social reformer have been published in Maltese, but not in English. This edition, then, brings Dimech’s remarkable life story to an English-reading audience. The book gives an easy-going account of his life, and provides information about the background of Dimech’s social, political, economic, religious and cultural context. Complete with interesting photographs and many quotations from Dimech’s aphorisms, the book introduces the reader to Dimech’s thought and philosophy, and also to the intricities of what made him such a outstanding personality worth reading about.

The essay presented in this booklet endeavours to proffer a new theory on how the universe might be rationalially viewed. While making such a bold attempt, asserting a break from earlier (and well known) such rationalizations, the author writes in an almost aphorismic style which whets one’s appitite for more details. The essay can thus be considered to be more of a basic outline than a full exposition of the proposed theory. Neverthless, it makes interesting reading and offers challenging perspectives to how we understand the physical world around us. This is Cefai’s first attempt at publishing his philosophical views.


Emmanuel George Cefai
(Author and Publisher)
52 pp
14.5 cm x 21 cm
ISBN: 9-789995-751074
Postmodern papers on politics,
ethics and education

Kenneth Wain
Malta University Press
342 pp
15 cm x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-99909-45-76-8

This is a collection of fourteen philosophical essays, most of which had been originally prepared for conferences in Malta and abroad (2000-10). All essays have been revised and edited for the purposes of this book, and cover a number of themes elaborated against the background of postmodern thought. Three essays deal with philosophy and literature, five with politics and ethics, three with education and technology, and the final three are responses to other philosophers on Nietzsche, the ethics of resistance, and democracy.

This is a translation of Voltaire’s philosophical classic to Maltese from Morize’s 1913 French edition. Palma is a published author in his own right, and his translation offers a version which, while integrally faithful to the French original, presents the text in honed and polished Maltese. This is the first time that the Candide is being published in the Maltese language. The edition comes with an introduction to the context of Voltaire’s philosophy, and to the main themes dealt with in his famous work.



Alfred Palma (Translator)

Dom Communications Ltd.

154 pp

15cm x 21cm
ISBN: 978-99957-47-05-3




Life, thought and adventures of Peter Serracino Ingott

Daniel Massa

(Author and Publisher)

908 pp

15cm x 23cm

ISBN Hard cover: 978-99909-3-179-2
ISBN Soft cover: 978-99909-3-180-8


Professor Daniel Massa’s extensive “warts and all” biography seeks to show, not just tell, Peter Serracino Inglott’s achievements. It highlights his humanity, inimitable antics, the days of living rough during his student years and his unique philosophical vision. This insightful account of his life in community is infused with a strong sense of commitment to liturgy and his priestly vocation, as well as a strong dose of mirth and humour, both ultimately intended to increase zeal and vigour in social and religious activity. For more information, click here.

These conversations are an implicit critique of those paternalistic forms of political discourse and action that regard citizens as passive recipients who would invariably concur with the Party, Church or the Establishment.

The conversations clearly express a certain amount of anxiety over the fact that not unlike other societies, Maltese society has become trapped in the limitations of performativity and expertise, where democracy is slowly being eroded by new forms of power that appear to move beyond raditionalist hegemonic matrices while retaining even higher degrees of authority.

Philosophical Conversations on the Maltese Political Imaginary

John Baldacchino & Kenneth Wain

Progress Print, Malta

320 pp

21cm x 14.8cm

ISBN: 978-99909-3-176-1


L-ewwel volum: 1860-1902

Mark Montebello
Miller Distributors, Malta
416 pp
20 cm x 27.5 cm
ISBN 978-99957-37-047

This is the part of the second edition of the 2004 classic biography of Maltese social reformer and philosopher Manuel Dimech (1860-1921). This first volume covers the years 1860-1902. The work (in Maltese) is a revised edition with updated information, added material,  new photographs of Dimech, and an innovated presentation. Chapter 4 deals exclusively with Dimech's philosophy. Up to this day, this work remains the most authoritative and reliable biography of Malta's foremost political and intellectual stars.

This is a collection of seventeen essays written by Claude Mangion, Mark Sultana, Mary Ann Cassar, Clive Zammit, Colette Sciberras, Sandra Dingli, Mario Vella, Mark Montebello, Salvino Caruana, Jean-Paul De Lucca, David Cooper, Joe Friggieri, Jean Buttigieg, Michael Zammit, Kenneth Wain, and Vince Riolo. With exception of Cooper, all the other contributors are Maltese. The subjects dealt with, of course, vary according to the choice of each writer. Though the essays are in honour of Peter Serracino Inglott (1936-2012), no biography or bibliography of Serracino Inglott is provided.


Essays commemorating

Peter Serracino Inglott

Edited by Jean Buttigieg,

Jean-Paul De Lucca & Claude Mangion

236 pp

15.5 cm x 24 cm

ISBN 978-99957-33-95-7


ilbierah - illum - ghada

Edited by Mark Montebello

Sensiela Kotba Socjalisti SKS, 140, Malta
200 pp
15 cm x 21 cm
ISBN 978-99932-17-23-7

This is a book of ten essays concerning the Maltese social reformer and philosopher, Manuel Dimech (1860-1921). The essays are by Desmond Zammit Marmará, Maria and Prof. Michael Zammit, Michael Grech, Meinrad Calleja, André Callus, Dorian Cassar, Prof. Yosanne Vella, Dr Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci, Dr Marco Galea, and Dr Mark Montebello. These respectively deal with Dimech's relation to education, spirituality, issues of identity, proxomics, power, the media, gender issues, political theory, the theatre, and research. The essays study Dimech's strengths and limitations.

This is a collection of ten short stories in the genre of science fiction. The stories are the outcome of a great deal of reflection. However, they do not deal with why or how their author conceived or originated them. They are, rather, mostly concerned with stimulating the reader’s mind in order that it may delve into territories unknown and traverse uncharted seas. Imagination is the quality which positively distinguishes the stories, a quality which genuine philosophy cannot do without.

and other stories

Josephine Gatt Ciancio

93 pp
14 cm x 20 cm
ISBN 978-99957-0-4


Kitbiet migbura, Vol. I - Poeziji

Charló Camilleri and Toni Cortis

Carmelite Province, Malta

257 pp

14.5 cm x 21.5 cm

ISBN 978-99957-0-329-5


This is largely an exhaustive collection of the poems of the Maltese philosopher, Anastasio Cuschieri (1872-1962). Most of them are in Maltese, and some in Italian. The main themes of the poems vary. Many are religious but others profer reflections of an aesthetic and, sometimes, philosophical nature. The authors introduce the volume by providing an extensive critical essay wherein, amongst other matters, they link Cuschieri's poems to his philosophy. Unfortunately, no biography of Cuschieri is presented.

This tract explores the relationship between the powerless and the structures of power. It introduces phrases such as 'postponed existence' and 'liberatory complicity'. Montebello proposes a certain necessary complicity between the powerless in order to overcome the economic and political structures which reduce them to helpless beings. This contributes to their liberation, of which Montebello explains the dynamics at work. The tract is distributed free of charge. It can be ordered by clicking here.


Mark Montebello
64 pp
10.5 cm x 15 cm
ISBN none


Foucault and the Carceral System

Meinrad Calleja
Faraxa Publications, Malta
451 pp, 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
ISBN 978-99957-0-3660

This book explores the philosophical rationales sustaining morality, law, punishment, and the carceral system as part of the discourse of globalisation. What Calleja proposes is the desacralisation of the foundations of this globalisation discourse by drawing upon Foucault's 'archaeological' and 'genealogical' study of institutions, knowledge, discourse, and power. The study is an interdisciplinary one; it fuses aspects of sociology and psychoanalysis within a philosophical framework. By and by, Calleja's study provides a politically-charged critique of the contemporary modes of domination and power.

The wisdom enclosed in this book comes to you from a Maltese of rare qualities. The hundreds of aphorisms which the book comprises were penned down when their forsaken author was a thousand miles away from his country and family, exiled and imprisoned at a concentration camp for no other reason than that of being an outspoken maverick. Published here for the first time straight from the original manuscripts, these gems of wisdom deal with much about anything under the sun, from politics to religion and home economics; from human foibles to the purpose of life and the meaning of death. This is the definitive edition of Manuel Dimech's final writings.


Wisdom of a philosopher in exile

Mark Montebello and Francis Galea

Sensiela Kotba Soċjalisti SKS, 136, Malta

418 pp

21 cm x 29.5 cm

ISBN 978-99932-17-22-0


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Sandra Dingli and Malcolm Goodman

Routledge, UK
17 cm x 24 cm
ISBN 978-0415663557

Many organizations in both the private and public sector are confronted with stiff challenges as they face rapid changes in the business environment. Understanding the causes of these changes is essential if organizations are to fashion suitable management responses. In a highly competitive and globalized scenario, business creativity provides the spark that fosters the development and implementation of innovation and organizational change.

This is a philosophical book without the usual philosophical jargon. It deals with what philosophy holds most at heart: your happiness. The four havens explained in the book are simple distinct ways of assuming a mind-set which disposes you to happiness. Your happiness is not something you must ‘achieve’. It is something you already have in your possession. You only have to be aware of it, and access it. The four havens will show you how to do this. To download the book, click here.


Mark Montebello
E-book release
111 pages
15 cm x 21 cm
ISBN 978-99957-0-321-9

in Ibrahim Al-Koni

Meinrad Calleja

Faraxa Publications, Malta
245 pp, 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
ISBN 978-99957-0-2724

This book takes a close look at one of Libyan-born writer Al-Koni's works, The Bleeding of the Stone. Calleja attempts to rise out philosophical reflections concealed in the text. In Al-Koni's story the desert provides a landscape rich in allusions while metaphors allow readers to engage in creative interpretation. Throughout his study Calleja goes into much philosophical discussion based on contemporary theories of language and interpretation. He also provides valuable keys to reading texts, philosophical or otherwise, and how to do so with post-modern inroads in mind.

This is a translation into Maltese from the original Greek of Aristotle's Poetics. It comes with an extensive introduction and comprehensive notes. The historical background to this classic of ancient Greek literature is provided, as well as sufficient information to appreciate the artistic significance of the work. The publication is a critical one which proffers all the necessary tools to recognise the whole value of Aristotle's writing. Of course, Serracino provides a translation with the expert use of beautiful Maltese.


Karmenu Serracino
Book Distributors Ltd
145 pp
21 cm x 14.7 cm
ISBN 978-99957-334-8-3




Mark Montebello
Pubblikazzjonijiet Indipendenza PIN, Malta
231 pp
22 cm x 30.5 cm
ISBN 978-00032-91-46-6

This is a unique book within the circle of philosophy publications. It not only narrates the story of philosophy in Malta but it does so in a most accessible and intriguing manner. The volume is fully illustrated with breath-taking images, and each page is presented in spectacular style. The book's content covers the whole extent of Malta's philosophical tradition, and offers in-depth perspectives of major modern and contemporary Maltese philosophers. Furthermore, it proffers tools for readers to do their own thinking. Have a look at the inside by clicking here.

This is a comprehensive introductory book dealing with all the aspects of Rousseau's thoughts about education and politics. Though Rousseau's concepts on education had been given much thought by commentators, his more political works on the subject have been largely ignored. Wain fills this void. Apart from introducing Rousseau, in the book Wain deals with state education and other aspects of education from a political point of view. He also provides a background to reading Rousseau, and also a biographical essay.

An introduction to his radical thinking on education and politics

Kenneth Wain
Sense Publications, The Netherlands
67 pp
16 cm x 23.5 cm
ISBN 978-94-6091-383-9


Claude Mangion
Intellect Publication,

Bristol, UK / Chicago, USA
330 pp, 17.5 cm x 23 cm
ISBN 978-1-84150-429-2

This is a tour de force which provides a structured presentation of communication theories of twelve established philosophers: Saussure, Peirce, Foucault, Eco, Derrida, Gadamer, Wittgenstein, J.L. Austin, P. Grice, Searle, Habermas, and Halliday. Meanwhile, Mangion deals with the productive aspect of communication, its reception, and its action. In so doing, he highlights the role of the context in the process of linguistic communication. A short biographical introduction is provided for each philosopher dealt with.