Philosophy Sharing Foundation is a voluntary non-profitable organisation that was set up in 2012 to promote philosophical activities around the Maltese islands and beyond.

All activities of the Foundation come at a cost and are financed mostly from subscriptions and membership fees. Moreover, most of our activities are provided for free to our members.

The magazine (Share) does not at present cover printing and distribution costs without support from the  Foundation's other income as we strive to ensure that our members keep receiving it for free. Also, fees for attending courses and annual conferences are kept to a minimum for both members and non-members.

The aim of the Foundation has never been that of seeking a profit on its activities. Thus, the contribution of our members in the running of the Foundation has always been dependent on voluntary support and effort without any expectation of monetary compensation.

Nevertheless, the Foundation must ensure that its costs are covered if it is to survive in the future.

Therefore, your support is key to the survival of the Foundation!

Any donated amount after a visit to our website would be of valuable assistance and will ensure the renewed efforts of the Foundation to spread and share philosophical knowledge to all members of our international societies.



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