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Philosophy Sharing


The Philosophy Sharing Foundation is a voluntary non-profit organisation registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, under registration number VO-0679.

The foundation was established on the 21st of May 2012 by a public deed.

For the purposes of Maltese Law, it is considered to be a legal person (LPF-85).

The original idea came from Professor Peter Serracino Inglott (1936-2012), a renowned Maltese philosopher who, back in the seventies, had revolutionised the study of philosophy in Malta. Serracino Inglott envisaged the organisation as an open space for philosophical discussion and learning which is accessible to the general public. Though the idea had been extensively discussed in private with Serracino Inglott, the first steps towards the establishment of the foundation were only begun after his unexpected death. These first steps were taken in March 2012 by a select group of philosophy academics and enthusiasts under the leadership of Rev. Dr Mark Montebello who came together to draw up the foundation's Constitution.

The Foundation is presently managed by a Committee of 5 persons as follows;

Max Cassar - Chairperson

Ian Rizzo - Deputy Chair, Treasurer, Administrator, Editor of SHARE

Valdeli Pereira -  Editor of SHARE, Administrative Support

Lennox Vella - Administrative Support

Inger Cini - Administrative Support

Francois Zammit - Administrative Support, Department of Philosophy, University of Malta Representative

The Editorial Board of SHARE magazine is composed of ;

Valdeli Pereira - Editor

Ian Rizzo - Editor

Claude Mangion - Editorial Advisor

The Philosophy Sharing Foundation is a member of the Federation Internationale des Societes de Philosophie (FISP).

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+356 79701658

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