Monthly Talk: 5th June 2019

Self and time through the lens of Buddhism and modern neuroscience

By Jorge Giro

Mr Jorge Giro will be discussing the self and time through the perspective of Buddhism and modern neuroscience in Philosophy Sharing Malta's Talk for the month of June.

He will be discussing how ancient Buddhists suggested that the self and time are just illusions — a philosophy that’s increasingly supported by scientific research.

Where do thoughts come from and how are the notions of self and time formed according to Buddhist thought and modern neuroscience.
What are the similarities and the divergences between both perspectives?
How uselful are the findings of both points of view to understand the human condition?

This talk wants to constitute a critical and interrogative philosophical reflection about these fundamental topics in the frame of Buddhism and neuroscience.

The talk will be in ENGLISH and will take place at the Volunteer Centre, 181, Melita Str., Valletta, on the 5th of June, 2019, between 19.00 and 20.30.

Everyone is invited.
The event will be free of charge.

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