Our 4th Course for 2019
Every Tuesday, 6:30 pm
From the 1st October to the 29th October (5 weeks in all)
At the Volunteer Centre, 181 Melita Street, Valletta

Rev. Dr John Avellino 

The aim of this Course:

The course will address the main philosophical problems about perception in the philosophy of mind and epistemology. Within the realm of the philosophy of mind, the course aims to give an account of the nature of perceptual experience, and the nature of perceptual content. When it comes to epistemology, the central issue concerning perception is whether and how beliefs about physical objects and about the physical world generally can be justified on the basis of sensory or perceptual experience

Course Outline:

1. The problem in a context: a broad introduction

2. Aristotle’s De Anima: Functions of Life: Continuities between the vegetal, the animal and the human

3. Perception as an interface between the organism and the environment

4. Sensation and Perception

5. Theories of perception

6. The five external senses: ‘peepholes on the world’: Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch

7. Sensation and Knowledge

8. The inner senses: ‘Common Sense’, memory, imagination, instinctive evaluation

9. ‘Inner senses’ and knowledge

10. Human perception as the continuity of mathematical structures in energetic flows from outside to          inside the human body.

A Note about the Lecturer:
Fr John Avellino holds a Ph.D from the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome. For his Masters he specialized in Philosophical Anthropology. He has been giving a service to the University for more than 20 years. 

Between 1991 and 1996 Fr John was Fr Peter Serracino Inglott's assistant, during the time that Fr Peter was Rector, often filling in for him for the many times that he was precluded from giving his lectures because of official duties.

As an academic Fr John actively participates in national socio-educational issues, trying to be a voice for the underprivileged and the unfortunate, mainly through his many commitments in the local media landscape and his active participation in a number of TV and radio programs.

Monthly Talk:

Theology of Liberation -
An attempt of dialogue between Christianity and Marxism

By Mr Valdeli Pereira 

Wednesday 2nd October, 2019 at 7.00pm

In our next talk, Mr Valdeli Pereira will be describing the Latin American socio-cultural context that allowed the fruitful dialogue between Marxism and theology, which gave rise to the "Theology of Liberation".

He will also be covering the main ideas developed by this branch of theology, as well as the protagonists involved. Special attention will be given to the way the "Theology of Liberation" reads and interprets the Bible.

Discussion will ensue.

A note about the speaker:

Mr Valdeli Pereira was born in Brazil where he obtained a degree in Philosophy and Theology. He has been living in Malta for the past 12 years and works as a Technical Writer. He is a member of the Steering Committee of Philosophy Sharing Foundation.

The talk will be in ENGLISH and will be held at the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT, LEVEL 0, Great Siege Road, Floriana (entrance from the side facing the Phoenicia Hotel) at 7.00pm.

Everyone is invited.
Entrance is free of charge, however donations are appreciated, since they allow the Philosophy Sharing Foundation to organise and improve these events.

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