Our Fifth and Last Course for 2019
Every Friday, 6:30 pm
From the 8th November to the 29th November (4 weeks in all)
At the Volunteer Centre, 181 Melita Street, Valletta

Yogi Marius Govinda (Dr. Mario Zammit)  

€ 15 Members -  € 25 Non-Members

Aim and Course Outline:

Since the early nineteen seventies the word yoga has entered the anglophone world. Other words followed in the footsteps of this word called Yoga: karma (law of retribution?), tapas (not a chain of restaurants), mantra (common in political discourse), and guru (expert?). All of these words have something in common: they are all instances of the Sanskrit language and are the lingua franca of tradition yoga!

Contemporary Yoga connotes in large measure gymnastic activities compounded with other less pervasive aspects of traditional yoga. One style of physical yoga is called Ashtanga–Yoga (the Eightfold Yoga) although the association of an eight-limbed technology of postures is however absent. The number ‘eight’ in Ashtanga-Yoga actually refers to the facets of a comprehensive philosophy belonging to the sage Shri Patanjali, a philosophy promoting a path to the realization of Self.

This course draws from his compendium, the Sutra of Patanjali. It presents this work in the light of its value as a systematic technology of personhood, a psychology, and a way of life – Philosophy- construed as creative and valuable. This course seeks to give a practical formulation of the Yoga of the eight limbs. It is being taught in its traditional way of Q & A; the course is allowed to take its course according to the questions asked. The first tutorial, however, will briefly refer to the text and its author as part of a great tradition, the Vedic tradition: the Yoga tradition.

A Note about the Lecturer:

Yogi Marius Govinda (Dr. Mario Zammit) is an inveterate student of Yoga and Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine). His studies in the teachings of Ayurvedic Medicine commenced in Jamnagar, Gujarat (India) in 1999; studies in hatha yoga (‘Forceful’ Yoga) followed soon afterwards under the aegis of yoga teachers in Europe. For many years Marius was a teacher of Hatha Yoga with the Educational Department of Malta. He graduated as a Dental Surgeon some thirty years ago and still practices his medical profession with Dental350 (Qormi, Malta). He also completed a Masters in Philosophy at Trinity St. David (Wales) on the topic of Mantra (sacred sounds of power) in Jyotish (Traditional Indian Astrology), and an M.Phil at the University of Malta reading Jyotish in Patanjala-yoga on the topic of a philosophical appraisal of realization of the Self. He is currently studying Parashara Jyotish under the guidance of a pundit from Orissa in the lineage traced to Shri Achyutananda, a sixteen century Vedic scholar and polymath. Marius’ most beloved anglophone mantra is ‘Truth Alone Prevails,’ (satyameva jayate: सत्यमेव जयते).

Monthly Talk:

Law, Justice and the Muses

By Emeritus Judge Silvio Meli

Wednesday 6th November, 2019 at 6.30 pm

German-Maltese Circle,
141, Messina Palace, St Christopher Street, Valletta

What is Law? What is Justice?

Humans have sought to understand and at the same time teach these concepts to one another throughout history. Like all aspects of life, they have been expressed in various art forms since the dawn of civilisation. From the theatres of Ancient Greece to Shakespeare's plays, from poems and paintings, to sculptures and architecture, Law and Justice have often been an inspiration to many artists.

In his talk, on the 6th of November, 2019, Emeritus Judge Silvio Meli will help us understand through the lens of various artists, how they sought to represent these tools, which civilisation uses to protect its citizens while curbing potential abusers.

Discussion will ensue.

Silvio Meli:

Son of the late Emmanuel and of Pauline nee` Buhagiar, Silvio Meli was born in 1954. He received his primary education at “Mater Boni Consiglii” Convent School, Paola, and his secondary education at St. Joseph’s High School, Paola. He continued his pre-university studies at the Junior College, Valletta. He obtained his Doctorate in Law from the University of Malta. Earlier he read Economics, Sociology, Philosophy and History of Mediterranean Civilisation, successfully obtaining his B.A. (General) (Part I) with distinction.

He furthered his studies at the Faculty of Theology, Malta, where he read Philosophy and Theology, and at the Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Malta where he read Canonical Marriage Jurisprudence and Procedure. He successfully followed a course in Jurisprudence and Human Rights organised by the University of Luton in Strasbourg, France. He also obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in European Community Competition Law and his Postgraduate Diploma in European Community Law both from King’s College, University of London, London, England.

Dr Meli was appointed Magistrate in 1990. He has been President of the Commission for Fair Trading since it was set up. As Magistrate, he has also served on various Administrative Tribunals and was assigned duties in the Court of Magistrates (Malta) mainly in its civil jurisdiction. Magistrate Meli was also an elected member of the Commission for the Administration of Justice and Deputy Chairman of the Judicial Studies Committee.

He has also represented Malta on several committees of the Council of Europe including that on Local Autonomy and on the Multidisciplinary Group against Corruption. He has also presided over several Commissions and Boards of Inquiry including those leading to the re-establishment of Local Councils in Malta and the establishment of structures for the rehabilitation of those who abuse alcohol and drugs. He was also President of the National Commission Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Dr Meli became a judge in 2011.

Silvio Meli is a visiting lecturer in Philosophy of Law at the Faculty of Laws of the University of Malta and the author of several articles published both locally and abroad. He is also the author of a book entitled “Judgements of the Malta Commission for Fair Trading” and also contributed to “Competition Law Judgements from European Community Member States”, to be published by Sweet & Maxwell in November2007.

He is a member of the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates and of the Association of European Competition Law Judges.

He is married to Maria Sylvana nee` Vassallo and has three children.

The talk will be in ENGLISH and will be held at the German-Maltese Circle, Messina Place, 141, Saint Christopher Street, Valletta at 6:30 pm.

Everyone is invited.
Entrance is free of charge, however donations are appreciated, since they allow the Philosophy Sharing Foundation to organise and improve these events.

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