The annual philosophy lecture that had be delivered by Peter Singer on the 20th of April 2020 has been postponed to next year due to the covid-19 disruptions. Date for Annual Philosophy Lecture in 2021 still to be determined.

The Philosophy Sharing Foundation is pleased to announce that SHARE magazine no.13 is out. While a free copy has been sent by post to all members, the issue is now available in Agenda outlets. If you would like to have a copy delivered by post for € 6 (local) , €8 (Europe)  , kind send us an email @ so that we can make necessary arrangements. The magazine features an interview with Peter Singer and five other articles on whether robots can feel emotions, animal ethics, how to tune in philosophical ideas, reincarnation and the problem of the nature of the mind, and a thought experiment on the units of life.

Our second course for 2020 
Philosophy of Law (in English)
Every Monday, 6:30 pm
At the Volunteer Centre, 181 Melita Street, Valletta

Judge Emeritus Silvio Meli  

After the delivery of two sessions, this course had to be temporary halted in view of the corona virus measures imposed. 

The course is being postponed to October 2020. Specific dates to be determined after Government eases covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings.

A General Overview:

Law is a tool of social cohesion. The study of Philosophy of law helps one to properly charter one’s way throughout the diverse meandering paths of this phenomenon. In this way, when embarking on this study one really enters into a genuine dialogue with past and present thinkers on the subject and will soon realize the difficulties involved. However, one will gradually also realize why any particular outlook will be preferred to any other. In this way, one will enrich one’s own cultural outlook, thereby subtly learning how to properly discern the issues addressed and strengthen one’s choices in preferring any option that might be adopted. Indeed, as T. E. Holland aptly puts it in his “The Path of Law”, (1897, 8 Harvard Law Review 457, p. 478):

“While legal science is capable of being intelligently learnt, legal facts are capable only of being committed to memory”.

The aim of this short course is therefore to introduce the participant to the subject-matter at issue and to the methodology required to master it with fruition. It is therefore intended to focus, albeit briefly, on the following aspects:

  • Defining and examining what law is and why should it occupy such an important place in civilized behaviour;
  • Addressing two major categories of philosophy of law, namely Analytical and Normative Jurisprudence;
  • Have a general preview of what Positive Law is;
  • Have a general preview of what is understood by Natural Law; and finally,
  • Focus on the Theory of Personality.

A proper understanding of the above will help the participant to be better equipped to face the vicissitudes of any legal conundrum that may be thrown into one’s path and to adopt any preferred outlook on the basis of sound philosophical standing thereby basing one’s personal outlook on an well-informed basis rather than on prejudice.

Silvio Meli who holds a Doctorate in Laws from the University of Malta was appointed a Magistrate in 1990 and a Judge in 2001. He retired from the bench in April 2019. He remains a Visiting Lecturer at the Faculty of Laws of the University of Malta. Throughout his career he has served on various administrative tribunals , committees , commissions and board of inquiries. He was also the founding President of the Commission of Fair Trading and authored various articles and publications related to the subject.

The Philosophy Sharing Foundation seeks to inspire, strengthen and promote philosophical activity in the Maltese islands.

The Foundation contributes to philosophical discussion and debate by:

- publishing the magazine SHARE twice a year

- holding a monthly talk

- organising a minimum of four to five short courses every year

- holding an Annual Philosophy Lecture 

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