A strategic plan for the future

Throughout the past months a thorough critical analysis of the Foundation’s operations and rationale was underway as part of an exercise to help the Foundation continue to thrive and flourish. A broad-based questionnaire, of which you can find a summary of its results on the next page, was part of this exercise.

     Since its establishment in 2012, the Foundation has mostly concentrated on organising public activities which could be relied upon for their quality and consistency. The activities mainly consisted of monthly public talks in Malta and Gozo, short courses and a tri-annual magazine. However, although the Foundation consistently had a number of members, at times reaching a maximum of about a hundred, these were generally not directly involved in decision making processes, which were mostly confined to elected Steering Teams in Malta and Gozo.

     Though useful for the launching and stabilisation of the Foundation within the local public educational sphere, this structure and mode of operation kept its members more or less structurally marginalised. It also seemed to hamper recruitment due to lack of membership incentives and benefits.

     The Strategic Plan which is put together, and which makes projections for 2018–20, intends to bring about a structural change which should enhance members’ tactical importance by placing them at the very core of the organisation’s operations. In this way, it is hoped that this new perspective would eventually transform the Foundation from an activity-based organisation, as it has been up till now, to one which is member-based and member-driven.


     To download the Plan, click here (PDF format).

Our organisation

PHILOSOPHY SHARING is a registered foundation. It was established by public deed on 21 May 2012, and it operates on a national basis. The original idea came from Professor Peter Serracino Inglott (1936-2012), a renowned Maltese philosopher who, back in the seventies, had revolutionised the study of philosophy in Malta. Serracino Inglott envisaged the organisation as an open space for philosophical discussion and learning which is accessible to the general public. Though the idea had been extensively discussed in private with Serracino Inglott, the first steps towards the establishment of the foundation were only begun after his unexpected death. These first steps were taken in March 2012 by a select group of philosophy academics and enthusiasts who came together to draw up the foundation's Constitution. After working together for two months, they brought their labour to fruition by legally establishing the organisation. A month later, following much internal work, the first activity was held. From then onwards, activities continued to be held regularly.

Philosophy Sharing Foundation is registered with the Commission for Voluntary Organisation (VO-0679) and, for the purposes of Maltese law, it is to be considered as a Legal Person (LPF-85).

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Malta Steering Committee 2019/20

• Dr Max Cassar, Chairperson

• Mr Ian Rizzo, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer

• Ms Cynthia Amato, Secretary

• Mr Jonathan Scicluna, Talks 

• Mr Gilbert Ross, Editor SHARE Magazine

• Mr Valdeli Pereira, Deputy Editor SHARE  

Mr Darren Formosa, Events Organiser

Our Centre

Our centre is in Valletta, Malta's capital city. It is situated at 129 St Paul's Street. All Steering Committee meetings, and some of our activities (such as courses), are held here. The Centre possesses a lecture room, a board room, study space, a small library, and areas for small group discussions. For more information, click the facebook icon above.

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12 May 2012


129, St Paul’s Street, Valletta VLT1216, Malta