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Exclusive course by Dr François Mifsud (in English)

5 lectures on consecutive Mondays from 19th February to 19th March.

This Philosophy course will explore how the Holocaust impacts the philosophical development of Post-Holocaust society. The course is structured as five classes, and divided in two main units; both themes are organically developed and each lecture leads into the next. The first unit (first two classes) will first explore tendencies within modernity that led to the horrific historical development of the Holocaust.
Thus, the course will introduce the Holocaust as an epistemology/hermeneutic tool through which modernity is evaluated. Another important historical reflection that this introduction will explore is the emergence of the modern phenomena of anti-Semitism. The course will proceed by problematizing the modern merging of the notion of progress with scientific and technological development.
     The Second unit (last three classes) will then proceed by exploring the influence of the Holocaust on the development of post-Holocaust philosophy; hence, on contemporary philosophy in making. This unit will identify ‘ethics as relationality’ as a post-Holocaust philosophical response. Furthermore this unit will characterise ‘ethics as relationality’ as the dialogical space where the other is welcomed by the self as agent. Finally the course will conclude by proposing hospitality as an infrastructure upon which post-Holocaust philosophy is developed.

Unit 1.
The Holocaust as a Historical Hermeneutic
The Myth of Progress
Unit 2.
Primacy of ‘Ethics as Relationality’
The agency of ‘The Other’
Hospitality: Post-Holocaust Philosophical Paradigm

Lectures take place at the Volunteer Centre, 181, Melita Street, Valletta (corner with The Times of Malta), from 6.30pm to 8pm.

FULL payment & registration on first day of course: Members of the Foundation, students and senior citizens pay €15. Non-members pay €25.

François Mifsud completed his undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Social Anthropology at the University of Malta. He holds a degree in Theology from the Faculty of the Emilia-Romania (Bologna), Italy, an M.A. in Social Justice and Education from the IOE, University of London and a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education at OISE, University of Toronto (Canada). His research interests include ethics and epistemology in relation to education, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. At the moment Dr. Mifsud lectures at the University of Malta and is course coordinator of the Master in Access to Education in Culturally Responsive Education

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