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The International Naturist Federation defines naturism as a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity linked to self-respect, tolerance or differing views together with respect for the environment. If naturism is expressed in a non-sexual way, it has the power to act as a leveler against any deference to class, wealth and occupation while promoting body confidence, empowerment and openness. Without causing any revolutionary change or upheaval, naturism can be a powerful source of individual freedom from the chains and cages that are constantly imposed  by the fabric of  society.

Why, then, do some people balk at the very mention of nudity? Why do some people find it offensive, embarrassing, a source of discomfort or feel a sense of shame or guilt when exposed to it? Why do some people treat nudity with amusement, ridicule or consider it as something inferior, associating it with animals or primitive civilizations? Are we really being serious when we we try to label naturists/nudists as another class of  philosophers?

That will be the purpose of this talk: to try and present the subject of nudity from a wholly different perspective. You may or may not agree with the philosophical thinking behind this talk. But you will at the very least be forced to confront any fundamental assumptions you might have held on this issue. 

Isn’t that after all what the subject of philosophy has always been about?
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