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The mission of Philosophy Sharing is
to bring together philosophy enthusiasts;
to inspire, strengthen and
promote philosophical activity
in the Maltese Islands;
and to contribute towards society
through Philosophy


Our next public talk in Gozo (in English):

Marriage is a contract. Yet, not any type of contract. It enjoys inherent contractual features which set it apart from any other indenture of common law legal systems. In fact, qua contract, marriage seems to be a most anomalous one. First and foremost because of the ethical commitments entailed in its legitimacy. Though there are many good reasons for marrying as there are for not marrying, in this talk Dr Mark Montebello will focus on the intrinsic value of marriage. While investigating the philosophical inferences of the marital contract, he will invite the public to examine whether it is ethically acceptable for persons to wed.

Our next course: not to be missed! (in Maltese):

Għalkemm Ġesù ma kienx filosfu fis-sens strett tal-kelma, ċertament jidher li kien għalliem professjonali b’moħħ ta’ ħassieb, b’idea partikulari tad-dinja u bi proposta fuq għandha tingħex il-ħajja. Il-ħsieb tiegħu jista’ tabilħaqq jiġi studjat filosofikament strettament maqtugħ mill-persuna tradizzjonalment reliġjuża tiegħu. Dan il-kors qasir ifittex li jistħarreġ x’jidhru li kienu il-kuntest kulturali u intellettwali ta’ Ġesù, is-sura ta’ ħsiebu u t-tagħlim tiegħu, l-aktar l-antropoloġija, il-politika u l-etika tiegħu. Fi tmiem il-kors, il-parteċipanti għandhom ikun jistgħu japprezzaw aħjar il-konsistenza fi ħsieb Ġesù, kif ukoll ir-relevanza tagħha fid-dinja tal-lum għall-individwi, il-komunitajiet u s-soċjetà in ġenerali.

The course will be delivered in Gozo in English:

Though Jesus was not a philosopher in the strict sense of the word, he certainly seems to have been a professional teacher with a mind of his own, a world-view and a way of life to propose. His thought can be examined philosophically strictly apart of his traditionally religious persona. The short course will seek to investigate what seem to be Jesus’ cultural and intellectual milieu, his mind-structures and his teachings, particularly his anthropology, his politics and his ethics. At the end of the course, participants should be able to appreciate better the coherence of Jesus’ thought, and its relevance in today’s world for individuals, communities and society at large.

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