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Featured article

On The Nature of Truth

by Karl Borg


One major occupation in the being and becoming of the humankind is to create order from apparent chaos.

The search for TRUTH has therefore occupied a major role in the provision of assertions. Different minds, during different centuries, and with different backgrounds and interests, have put forward their ideas and narratives.

During this course we shall examine not only the major  theories of truth in terms of correspondence and coherence but also put in frame other aspects which come from various corners of the human cognition territories.

We shall be examining theories of mind; ethics; art; metaphor; and scientific and warranted truths.

We shall be posing arguments relative to ontology, epistemology and hermeneutics.


 This article was submitted by
Karl Borg

in preparation for philosophy course

which will take place at MCVSValletta,

on every Monday starting from the 6th of 

March and ending on the 

3rd of April 2017.

The views expressed in this article are those of the

 author and do not necessarily reflect the position

or policy of ‘Philosophy Sharing’.

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